Rules for Being Out on Bail

A bail bond is one of the quickest and more reliable ways to get someone you know and love released from hail, but once they have been released there are some rules that need to be followed. If the defendant wishes to retain their freedom and impress the courts, it’s necessary to follow the rules and work with the courts instead of against them.

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Bail Conditions

You don’t need to have a solid idea of the specifics of the conditions of your bail – a bail bondsman Santa Barbara professional will sit down with you and explain all of the terms and conditions that you need to be aware of. Your lawyer may also do this with you to make sure you know all of your responsibilities and obligations. These terms include:

  • Obey all state, federal, and county laws while released
  • Do not use illicit or illegal substances, such as drugs or alcohol
  • No weapons of any kind can be in your possession or in the home
  • Stay away from trouble areas, such as bars or shady hangouts
  • Either seek out employment or maintain your current employment status
  • Comply with the curfew outlined in your bail terms

Violating Conditions

Bail bond companies like Acme BailBonds Santa Barbara know that not every individual that is released on bail complies with the rules, which can result in disciplinary action in several ways. Depending on the judge, the defendant may get away with a warning. However, a warrant can also be issued for the arrest of the defendant.

Other consequences may include revoking bail for the defendant, imposing additional conditions for bail, increasing the amount of bail, and holding the defendant in question in contempt of court.

Your best option is to make sure you follow all rules of your release from jail until the day of your trial.